The first, of many, blog posts. Designed to help athletes everywhere

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Hello world community!

This is my inaugural blog post, of what I know will be very meaningful to athletes, athlete stakeholders, professionals, students and many others across the globe. As my first post, this will be mostly about myself, and to explain the purpose and set up for this blog. So, first about the blog, and more about me later. The purpose of this blog is to create positive change throughout sport, and the world. I promise to you the reader that I will post at a minimum once a week. The information presented will be for the most part research based, alongside my professional opinion. Some of the information may be considered controversial, but this blog is a platform for creating change, and in order to do that, there will inevitably be someone who thinks (sometimes strongly) otherwise. Please know it is not my intent to offend anyone. But for everyone reading, I urge you to read the facts and form your own opinion, even if it differs from mine. I also hope that you the reader will use this information to help yourself and others. That being said, these are my words, ideas, techniques, methods, etc. and if you use them please give credit and citations.  Please comment, share, and inform others about this blog and the information it contains. I accept all feedback, but try to keep it positive, because positivity breeds positivity. The usual set up for the posts will be the introduction of a topic with explanation, then ways that you can help your own athletic and life success, and/or ways you can help others, and ending with a piece of inspiration. This template may be altered depending on the topic, or as I see fit, but I will always inform you the reader of a change.

So now a little about me and the inspiration for this blog. I have been an athlete my entire life. At times I think I was practically born in a swimming pool. I have played soccer, basketball, softball, swimming, and diving competitively throughout my life. In high school, my mother told me that if I wanted to achieve my dream of being a college athlete, I would have to pick one sport and focus on that sport. I chose springboard diving. I worked many hours on the boards, in the water, studying books, everything I could do to become the best diver I could be in hopes that a college would recruit me. I even worked lifeguarding to trade for diving lessons because my family couldn’t afford to pay for me to join a year round team. But I did whatever I could to achieve my dream. Senior year of high school I was not recruited to any of the schools I applied to and sent recruiting tapes to. So, I chose a school, UNCW and decided to work towards my next dream of becoming a marine biologist. All the while, I could not stop thinking about diving, so I talked to the head diving coach, and walked on to the team. My dream had come true! I was a collegiate diver.  Little did I know what obstacles lied ahead of me, but no matter what difficulty was thrown my way, I kept pushing through because I was living my dream. Throughout college athletics, I witnessed firsthand that a lot of athletes were struggling silently, but wouldn’t say anything because they didn’t want to lose their dream, or scholarship, or ability to continue going to school or a multitude of other reasons. So I decided to continue my education, and obtain my masters of social work. When I got there, I realized I was the minority in many ways, the largest of ways was that I didn’t have a “social work” acceptable population of interest. After careful contemplation, I realized that athletes were a population that needed my help, and help from social workers, and many other people. You may be thinking that athletes don’t need help, they are the popular kids, the superstars, the millionaires. However, they have struggles just like ordinary people do, but are more susceptible to some because of the enormous pressures they are under to perform in all arenas of their lives. Also, they feel pressure to keep their struggles silent. Because of these and many more problems I will discuss in the future, I am devoted to helping athletes throughout the world become the best that they can be, and fight for injustices within the athletic system. I hope you enjoy this first entry and will continue to read my blog!


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